The Kite

Project name: Remodeling of the entrance, Wending Living Style Plaza;
Location: Shanghai
Year of Completion: 2013
Material: Steel structural members, checkered steel plates

Before Remodeling

Reborn from a cold-drawn steel mill, Wending Living Style Plaza is at one of the busiest and history-laden downtown areas of Shanghai. Under the hand of a celebrated Italian designer, the original framework is preserved while the interior and exterior are refashioned into a classical European-style space where business and art blend – or a stage where life happens.

The design theme of the new entrance is reminiscent of the industrial era and artistically in tune with the Plaza itself. The old steel structure was disorganized and recast and its tone set in red to express the rising tide of industrialization in times past. The pattern on the bored metal plate references the existing visual identity system of Wending Living Style Plaza.

Now, this piece of installation art erected at the entrance of Wending Living Style Plaza symbolizes an old factory reincarnated, breathing in fresh life to set forth on a new journey…